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MEON have three products in the final stages of the Highways England innovation competition for Line Marking Paint.

Highways England is investing almost £700,000 on research to improve road markings and tackle challenges to innovation on our Highways.

Over the next decade, London has committed a £4 billion investment in its smart road network. – PBC TODAY


Highways England responded to the road infrastructure challenge by creating an innovative competition that can highlight the best products for our roads. This is the largest trial project that Highways England have ever undertaken and its unrivalled size and worldwide entrants means it is a beacon for innovation globally. 

The competition will put products from around the world through intensive product testing and then road trials to stress test the products in a real environment.


The International competition is trialling products across 4 areas, ThermoPlastic, Cold Plastics, Tapes and Other. With over 36 different submissions, Meon are excited to be in the final representing Britain to help shape the road industry into positive innovative practices to improve our roads. 

“The Transforming Road Markings competition … aim was to find the most effective road markings that will also reduce damage to the surface when the lines are removed.”

Original Article: Highways England Magazine



  • 12 month all weather testing
  • Products road tested on the M5 Motorway
  • Removal system testing
  • Systems that can help solve: Ghost Line Markings, Line Markings that are readable by line recognition software.

IMAGE: Wear test turntable at Aetec Madrid

STAGE 1 – Product Submission and Wear Testing

The first stage involved the products being laid onto testing blocks which went simulated two million wheel passes. The test laboratory measured against the following criteria:

  1. Retro-Reflectivity – The reflective properties of the line at night
  2. Day Time Visibility – The visibility during the day
  3. Skid-Resistance (Wet) – How well the products skid resistance performs in wet conditions.

IMAGE: Line removal using pressurised water from 3000 PSI to 37,000. 

STAGE 2 – Removal of the Product

  1. Removal of the line – Is the product able to be removed, from a range between 3000-37,000 PSI! In this competition two of the finalists used liquid solutions to soften the products before removal. 

IMAGE: Product application on the M5 Motorway, England

STAGE 3 – Live Product Trials on Motorway Setting

  1. How well does the product perform over a 12 month period
  2. The removal of the product after the trial has finished. 

Successful products need to withstand over 2 million wheel passes and go through skid-resistance and retro-reflectivity testing in both wet and dry conditions.

– Russell Smallridge

The advancement in high performance road marking systems available for use on the Highways England network is clearly demonstrated by this project. Clear visual road markings in dry, dark and wet conditions are a key component in delivering road safety improvements across the network. Embracing change is the way forward.


MEON can help solve your line marking challenges, from solutions for ghost markings, to improved wet reflectivity of line marking.  


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